Grant graduated from Creighton University in Omaha with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Integrative Physiology at University of Iowa. His specialty is treating pelvic muscle dysfunction in athletes and bicyclists. As an avid bike racer and commuter who personally suffered from pelvic pain, Grant experienced the frustration of not being able to do what he loved and sought to find a way back to health and greater performance. He is inspired to help people find their own way to learn to listen to the signs from their body in order to overcome injury and enjoy lifelong fitness. In addition to PT, Grant teaches yoga emphasizing alignment and breathing to give clients a basic road map towards transforming the body that carries over to their sport. He moved to Portland to contribute to this healthy vibrant community and keep it moving well. - 

Bridgetown Physical Therapy & Training Studio



When it comes to training for your goals you need support and knowledge from people that know how to keep you moving toward your goal along a path that will get you stronger but also safe and sustainable for a life long practice of your sport. We provide physical therapy to help you overcome injury and then provide personal training tailored towards your goals with your unique health concerns in mind.

Visit or call  503-222-1955 to get started on your path to pain free performance. I am Grant Headley, one of our team of doctors of physical therapy. He specializes in helping people with injuries related to bicycling and endurance sports, men's health and pelvic pain, he teaches yoga, and as shown above provides VO2 Max performance and metabolic testing.