Learning a city by bike

I moved to Portland a week ago. I have spent about 1/2 of each day on the bike either going training or house hunting and one night to an outdoor rave party. This city has a high base movement in terms of how they commute to work and socialize than. The bike routes are not easy either, I'm sharing my training rides going up 5 minute 8% climbed with office workers carrying panniers. There is lots of bike infrastructure but still many areas where people make due with walking their bike to get to a sidewalk on the other side of the bridge to cross the river. During prime commuting hours biking across town feels faster than commuting by car. So far I have been more inspired to ride more and use the bike to connect different to different adventures and meet new people. More than a solitary training regime, cycling has always brought me together with kind and dedicated people who know how to go fast and push themselves to the limit but also know how to slow down and take in nature and the conversation space allowed by a shared air bubble traveling at the same speed. This main social aspect is shared by my friends back in the Midwest. One thing I want to encourage in Portland is the smile and wave between cyclist :) don't take this cycling Connection for granted just because there are more of us around. Cycling is still a small portion of total traffic and we have a way to go.