10 basic ways to reduce pelvic pain

Pain is more than just a tissue injury as we are finding. It is affected by our stress levels, beliefs, daily habits, posture, exercise. 

Dr. Jessica Reale PT, DPT writes a great article about how sleep impacts chronic pelvic pain. She is careful to point out that more research needs to be done. 

Think about ways in your life you contribute to unnecessary stress by not having good sleep routines. Being in pain and being stressed lead to unfitful rest but it think how much you can impact your pain going the other way by doing as much as you can to institute good sleep hygiene to give yourself the best chance to reduce your level of symptoms through basic daily habits. You are able to put your health under your control by finding things that work for you.

Everyone has their own routine to get ready for bed. 

My routine starts after dinner: I do things that reduce any need to think about what I need to do the next day, I lock the doors, I set my alarm for the next morning, I set out my clothes and make sure all the little details are packed in my bag. I leave my phone on do not disturb. I spend time with my girlfriend and then take a hot shower.  I get in bed with a book with a light nearby. 

A book that will help you sleep is Paradoxical Relaxation by David Wise PhD.