Training with The Pros

Last night at 6:15pm the smiling faces trickled in one by one and then all at once right before 6:30 after a long work day to make up the Training Like the Pros class. If you dont yet know what this is you dont know what you are missing.

I’m the new guy at Bridgetown and let me say thanks to all the friends of the clinic that have welcomed me. I am inspired by this lot of folks who have come to Bridgetown for their own reasons including looking for help getting over a training injury, personal training to get to the next level of performance, or upon the referral of a friend or family and stay with us every week to make a community of people that come together to get fit, work on our weak points, and have a laugh about me looking like a noobie falling over on the hurdles!


Training like the pros group is taught by co-owner Dr. Josh Kernan PT, DPT. Josh practices what he preaches, he is a marathon runner and you can catch him on the river walk running or doing strength work in the studio between treating patients. What compelled me to be a PT are therapists like Josh and the rest of our team who have the information and then test it out on ourselves, using the body like a laboratory testing different training strategies to extend our physical capacities and heal injuries.


The class starts out with an active warm up, line drills getting all the major hip motions warmed up, passing each other we get to check in and see what people have going on their day and what exciting weekend plans are coming up. We get a kickin’ workout but with this group whatever extra air is used to have a nice conversation.


Then the meat of the circuit workout starts with the countdown clock yelling every 45 seconds to work and switch stations. The combination of tasks is designed by Josh each week to focus on a different combination of physical benefits from explosivity, balance, endurance, strength, agility, and mobility. It is an accomplishment each round through and lots of high fives and comaraderie once the workout is complete.


The equipment is familiar but beyond what is available in a typical gym and way more challenging that what most physical therapy clinics have. We believe that recovery is complete when you are able to do the full load of your goal activity properly and without pain and we have some really cool equipment to challenge you here in a controlled environment with our skilled eye. This is in contrast to what I have had to do at other places I have worked is releasing my patient once able to complete basic body weight or light resistance exercise and hoping they are getting along well once back in their work or gym routine. At Bridgetown once we get you back to doing what you love pain free, we find many people want to stay on a regular personal training schedule to keep progressing in the good times. This is hugely energizing for us therapists to see our patients thriving when once we knew them as being in pain.


Thanks to all the regular clients at Training Like the Pros and Bridgetown. Each person’s hard work and smiles inspires the others in the room to keep showing up to work on fitness goals together. Thank you for trusting us with your wellness and for sending your friends and family into our doors.


See you all at the next class