Perfect Breathing: Interview with Al Lee

I sat down with Al Lee at a cafe and we chatted about breathing. Al Lee talks about breathing as the first and foremost important skill that one needs for performance in athletics, business, martial arts, relationships, sex, mindfulness. 

This one elemental thing we all do can be a huge source of energy and healing for all the systems of the body if we do it right, if we do it wrong, we are leaving a lot on the table at the least and could be the cornerstone of overcoming health issues.

Al talks a lot about how breathing has helped him in business situations be open to creativity in decision making and dealing with stress in the professional space.

I asked him how to teach the breath. He says you must practice. It is not enough to have experienced it in the past or to know about the benefits of breathing.

He places an important on not judging your breath, its about practicing awareness.

Thanks a lot to Al for his time and sharing his take on breathing that ties us to our primitive selves and takes us into our daily lives with focus and full performance.

Excuse the barista sounds, this is my favorite place to interview because it feels like two friends just shooting the breeze about our interests. 

ACTION STEP: Do this, in your reminder list on your phone, set it to remind you to do 5 minutes of breathing work first thing and at the end of the work day.

Set the timer for 5 minutes, sit down, close your eyes. Focus on what parts of your body move or feel stuck while you breathe.

Remember that knowing is not enough, daily practice is what allows us to access these benefits. There is no replacement for daily practice. 

Having a teacher is the best way I know how to instill better practices in my life. 
If you want to elevate your performance in all aspects of life, it starts with a step in the right direction.
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