What's working this week

Monday monring 5:00am alarm.
The only way to get in what we need is to wake up an hour earlier. I need to get in my movement before I teach others for the remainder of the day. Also, the first hour of my day is spent on learning and getting my brain and body primed instead of just waking up and getting straight into work and teaching clients. 
If you feel like the day is getting away from you, give yourself more time for your own routines. I get to the weekend and I do not feel like I need to take a vacation from my life and lay about. Instead I hit the weekend full steam ahead into activities with people I love.

How to make 5AM work for you? Pack your bag and get as much ready for the next morning before you hit bed. There is no way to organize your stuff to make it to the gym and wake up. Any resistance is more reason to stay in bed.

The point is not to wake up and do more chores, the point is to wake up and do something that will make you feel much more energetic for the rest of the day. This is stoking internal fuel, through movement, challenging yourself in new movements or taking your current routine and tweaking the perspective, so that you are making it a new experience.

Burnout is easy if it is about doing more. Make it about your own process of meeting the day with what you have.

What I am finding helpful at this early hour is easing out of the house on the bike and making it to a weight lifting group, crossfit group, or pilates to work out with people and learn from a teacher first thing. This has helped me be accountable, by paying and by my teammates to stick to a routine despite feeling tired. Although I know enough to make myself workout at a gym solo, 

My current schedule is Monday- Morning group at form & function
Tuesday at Crossfit 503
Wednesday Form & Function
Thursday private pilates or gyrotonic lesson
Friday Crossfit
Saturday Group Ride
Sunday Group Ride

This has given me over the past 3 weeks power by being around positive people, having my own experience for myself first, and allowing myself more time to ease into the work day.

On the bike on my commute in the morning I listen to a philosophy book that was written before modern advertisements. This is like washing the brain out of modern concepts. Right now I am listening on my Audible to "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius.
On the way home or doing chores at home I listen to a book on health, right now listening to Going Wild by John Rattey.

Towards bed I do some gentle passive yoga, a little meditation while I do the dishes or some home task per day so I can actively appreciate my home and my Sara who also takes care of it.

If you are stuck in a rut and need some tools to help you start some momentum, start with good books and use curiosity in movement to get you going along with good work out buddies to stimulate your social bug in the morning. Filling your day with good things begets another good day and the decisions you make start to add up to keep this machine of positive things moving for your own benefit.