Sleep deprivation and exercise

The feeling of sleep deprivation makes everything feel difficult. What does it feel like?

What are the most common health impacts of sleep deprivation,

The priority for health, function, and athletic performance is to sleep more. During periods such as taking care of a new baby or a sick parent this is not always possible. What role does exercise play in helping to restore health after a period of decrease sleep?

Do we know the answers to these questions? I feel like how each person does this can vary however if we wait to feel perfectly rested to start our exercise routine this is likely to bring us up against constant interruption to exercise consistency which marks a decline over weeks to months of our basic endurance, muscle strength, joint mobility, and activity tolerance. Physical exercise can be overdone and can exacerbate fatigue, overtraining, sleep disruption. However at the proper intensity physical exercise is profoundly beneficial even for restoring hormone, endocrine, and energy balance. These factors can helpammeliorate the detriments of disrupted sleep.