What is a Cat 2 Road Cyclist

Grant earned his upgrade to Category 2 from the cycling’s governing body USACycling.

Now as a Category 2 Grant will have the opportunity to line up wheel to wheel against fellow elite amateurs as well as Category 1 and professionals. New cyclists start participating in races as Category 5 and have to earn upgrade points through the ranks by placing consistently in the top 5- top 10 over the course of the long season from February through August. Grant has been a road racer since 2007 and was at the cusp of receiving this coveted Category 2 status in 2010 but came up against overuse injury in the form of pelvic muscle pain. He worked tirelessly with the help of PTs, yoga teachers, coaches to understand his own injuries while studying to become a physical therapist himself. Gradually building endurance and high end power on a foundation of good alignment, proper bike fit, recovery, yoga, he slowly got back on pace to his goals of riding his bike every day to work and race on the weekend at a high level.