Training with The Pros

Last night at 6:15pm the smiling faces trickled in one by one and then all at once right before 6:30 after a long work day to make up the Training Like the Pros class. If you dont yet know what this is you dont know what you are missing.

I’m the new guy at Bridgetown and let me say thanks to all the friends of the clinic that have welcomed me. I am inspired by this lot of folks who have come to Bridgetown for their own reasons including looking for help getting over a training injury, personal training to get to the next level of performance, or upon the referral of a friend or family and stay with us every week to make a community of people that come together to get fit, work on our weak points, and have a laugh about me looking like a noobie falling over on the hurdles!


Training like the pros group is taught by co-owner Dr. Josh Kernan PT, DPT. Josh practices what he preaches, he is a marathon runner and you can catch him on the river walk running or doing strength work in the studio between treating patients. What compelled me to be a PT are therapists like Josh and the rest of our team who have the information and then test it out on ourselves, using the body like a laboratory testing different training strategies to extend our physical capacities and heal injuries.


The class starts out with an active warm up, line drills getting all the major hip motions warmed up, passing each other we get to check in and see what people have going on their day and what exciting weekend plans are coming up. We get a kickin’ workout but with this group whatever extra air is used to have a nice conversation.


Then the meat of the circuit workout starts with the countdown clock yelling every 45 seconds to work and switch stations. The combination of tasks is designed by Josh each week to focus on a different combination of physical benefits from explosivity, balance, endurance, strength, agility, and mobility. It is an accomplishment each round through and lots of high fives and comaraderie once the workout is complete.


The equipment is familiar but beyond what is available in a typical gym and way more challenging that what most physical therapy clinics have. We believe that recovery is complete when you are able to do the full load of your goal activity properly and without pain and we have some really cool equipment to challenge you here in a controlled environment with our skilled eye. This is in contrast to what I have had to do at other places I have worked is releasing my patient once able to complete basic body weight or light resistance exercise and hoping they are getting along well once back in their work or gym routine. At Bridgetown once we get you back to doing what you love pain free, we find many people want to stay on a regular personal training schedule to keep progressing in the good times. This is hugely energizing for us therapists to see our patients thriving when once we knew them as being in pain.


Thanks to all the regular clients at Training Like the Pros and Bridgetown. Each person’s hard work and smiles inspires the others in the room to keep showing up to work on fitness goals together. Thank you for trusting us with your wellness and for sending your friends and family into our doors.


See you all at the next class


Perfect Breathing: Interview with Al Lee

I sat down with Al Lee at a cafe and we chatted about breathing. Al Lee talks about breathing as the first and foremost important skill that one needs for performance in athletics, business, martial arts, relationships, sex, mindfulness. 

This one elemental thing we all do can be a huge source of energy and healing for all the systems of the body if we do it right, if we do it wrong, we are leaving a lot on the table at the least and could be the cornerstone of overcoming health issues.

Al talks a lot about how breathing has helped him in business situations be open to creativity in decision making and dealing with stress in the professional space.

I asked him how to teach the breath. He says you must practice. It is not enough to have experienced it in the past or to know about the benefits of breathing.

He places an important on not judging your breath, its about practicing awareness.

Thanks a lot to Al for his time and sharing his take on breathing that ties us to our primitive selves and takes us into our daily lives with focus and full performance.

Excuse the barista sounds, this is my favorite place to interview because it feels like two friends just shooting the breeze about our interests. 

ACTION STEP: Do this, in your reminder list on your phone, set it to remind you to do 5 minutes of breathing work first thing and at the end of the work day.

Set the timer for 5 minutes, sit down, close your eyes. Focus on what parts of your body move or feel stuck while you breathe.

Remember that knowing is not enough, daily practice is what allows us to access these benefits. There is no replacement for daily practice. 

Having a teacher is the best way I know how to instill better practices in my life. 
If you want to elevate your performance in all aspects of life, it starts with a step in the right direction.
Set up an appointment with me  at Bridgetown Physical Therapy & Training Studio and I will show you the techniques that help me access the powerful skill of breathing and how to instill discipline in practice everyday. Call my office at 503-222-1955 or email




Todd Wymer and his lovely lady and fellow accupuncturist Kaecee and I sat down to coffee for an stimulating conversation that I decided to record. What I get stimulated by is a health professional with deep domain knowledge in his specific art but sees the inroads and parallels with other perspectives. This is the antidote to gurus and finding the flawed quest to find the one true answer to health or anything else. Todd just received his doctorate in Japanese accupuncture. Additionally he is a badass in Kali, a Filipino martial art that uses knives. He practices his knowledge of integrated body movement in his art of Kali that is a direct application and helps him feel what he is teaching his patients. 

Where in your community can you meet and learn from someone in a parallel practice that can help give us fresh perspective and just as martial arts and eastern practices teach us, a lot of old wisdom is becoming new and popular as Western thinking opens up to it.  

Check out the audio below

Pelvic pain impacting your relationship and family role?

Is pain in your pelvis holding you back from being your whole self with your family and relationships?



Pelvic dysfunction affects both women and men. Here is some recent research that presents how pelvic pain can affect our lives and how we can help heal and be the man or woman we want to be for ourselves and the others in our lives.

The latest this month from The Journal Physical Therapy describes that after childbirth the study by Wuytack et. al brings to light that mothers describe 3 main themes of mothers with pelvic pain: 1. The more they do after giving birth, the more pain there is 2. New Mothers tend to push through this pain to get their work done and take care of their baby, and 3. How mothers describe their role and self-image as different, in part because of this pain. in almost 20% of women, this pain does not subside on its own. Seeking help from a physical therapist for pelvic pain can help in determining which structures may be involved in contributing to this pelvic pain and building a plan to work back to function that will help the new mother meet her new life demands with improved strength, posture control, and tolerance of different functional postures like lifting heavy babies and reaching with carseats.

How can a physical therapist help?

We first create a professional and caring relationship where you can describe what is painful and we help verbalize what important things you are having difficulty with being able to do. As pain can affect us in many ways understanding why rehabilitation is important is an important first step in having open communication before we jump into the treatments. Then we keep the converstation going by testing basic function in functional tasks like squatting, bending, lifting, the strength the the major movements and range of motion of aspects of the body that connect to the pain you are experiencing. Additionally we look at posture and how the body stabilizes under progressive challenges in a safe and controlled environment that determines the whole picture of where the function is now. Then we build a plan to where you want to go with exercises that incorporate basic functional exercise that mirror your real life demands and specific training on how to use the pelvic muscles, breathing, posture, and coordinate these aspects to work together.




Men likewise suffer from issues related to dysfunction of the pelvic muscles that impact their role to participate fully in relationships from pain with basic motions and postures that prevents them from working and fulfilling their duty in the home as well as diminishing a healthy normal sexual function that is a vital part of intimacy and relationships. Lavoisier et al describes in his paper from 2014 that pelvic muscle rehabilitation is one important and overlooked aspect in men that suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. That’s right, instead of a little blue pill, we need to work on muscle control, relaxation, and control to optimize sexual performance and overcome these common and oft swept under the carpet issues that come down to posture, mobility, breathing, ability to relax and contract. The Lavoisier study shows that 20 sessions of pelvic muscle rehabilitation increased blood flow 87% in men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If you or someone you know is suffering from these issues, I hope this can be an encouragement that these issues can be resolved and through understanding how to use our pelvic muscles and how to use our bodies to optimize the function of our pelvis. Anytime we can solve a scary problem with a little guidance from a PT and learning how to control and appreciate our own bodies, it can be powerful in helping us reconnect with our own ability to heal ourselves and rely on the signals our body is giving us. It takes some work and attention to change ingrained habits no doubt, but we can solve this. If you are in the Portland area call me at Bridgetown Physical Therapy & Training Studio @ 503-222-1485

If you are looking for help where you are, search out a PT who specializes in men’s & women’s health.


I have been through pelvic pain myself. It is difficult to find help and understand where to begin to heal. I feel that patience is key, it may be a long process but keep seeking the answers and the teachers available to you to integrate awareness of the pelvis into your everyday movements.


Links to articles:

MWOD List approved!

I have been a fanboy of Kelly Starrett and his team at MWOD for years since I saw him interviewed by Brian Rose on LondonReal. The knowledge of a physical therapist to teach people of all abilities especially athletes under load to appreciate basic concepts of care for the body in a daily practice is beautifully communicated by Kelly. The 2nd Edition of Becoming A Supple Leopard just dropped in stores. To celebrate becoming an approved provider on the MWOD list network I went and picked up my new 2nd edition to share with my fellow PTs and clients at Bridgetown. This book will elevate your health, literally, it is a hefty book, but it communicates a lot of great basic knowledge that physical therapists and body work people of many disciplines appreciate as universal building blocks to moving well.

If you are in the Portland, OR area come and visit us at Bridgetown PT & Training Studio and lets see how we can build you a system to improve your health and make systems that will carry you to performance.