MWOD List approved!

I have been a fanboy of Kelly Starrett and his team at MWOD for years since I saw him interviewed by Brian Rose on LondonReal. The knowledge of a physical therapist to teach people of all abilities especially athletes under load to appreciate basic concepts of care for the body in a daily practice is beautifully communicated by Kelly. The 2nd Edition of Becoming A Supple Leopard just dropped in stores. To celebrate becoming an approved provider on the MWOD list network I went and picked up my new 2nd edition to share with my fellow PTs and clients at Bridgetown. This book will elevate your health, literally, it is a hefty book, but it communicates a lot of great basic knowledge that physical therapists and body work people of many disciplines appreciate as universal building blocks to moving well.

If you are in the Portland, OR area come and visit us at Bridgetown PT & Training Studio and lets see how we can build you a system to improve your health and make systems that will carry you to performance.