Todd Wymer and his lovely lady and fellow accupuncturist Kaecee and I sat down to coffee for an stimulating conversation that I decided to record. What I get stimulated by is a health professional with deep domain knowledge in his specific art but sees the inroads and parallels with other perspectives. This is the antidote to gurus and finding the flawed quest to find the one true answer to health or anything else. Todd just received his doctorate in Japanese accupuncture. Additionally he is a badass in Kali, a Filipino martial art that uses knives. He practices his knowledge of integrated body movement in his art of Kali that is a direct application and helps him feel what he is teaching his patients. 

Where in your community can you meet and learn from someone in a parallel practice that can help give us fresh perspective and just as martial arts and eastern practices teach us, a lot of old wisdom is becoming new and popular as Western thinking opens up to it.  

Check out the audio below