What is missing from your movement, Integration

I am a recently new student to Tai Chi and Qigong. This discipline is unlike anything I in my repertoire of endurance, strength, mobility training. These old arts stress integration of the whole body moving together. Now our modern methods are studying Tai Chi and finding the benefits. Part of the problem I find in my practices of exercise and how I am trained to teach exercise is in isolation. Exercises designed to isolate the core, the arms, the legs, the cardio system, stretching. The language we use to describe what we intend to get out of our movement sets us up to have a self-limited experience. The parts might be moving as we train them but when it comes to power in the real world to move, what we miss out on is how we can feel tension in our body before it becomes pathological and using our tension in a smart way that takes advantage of energy return instead of burning out. 

Try this video of my Sara teaching a little Qigong practice and see how you feel,

Take care.