I practice physical therapy at Bridgetown Physical Therapy & Training Studio. The team here is focused on rehabilitating people above their injury to get back to enjoying full performance. My physical therapy focus is on integrating pelvic muscle coordination and breathing into treating people with specific pelvic pain and also to improve performance. I teach alignment based power yoga that transfers off the mat into bicycling, lifting, running to make these activities promote long term health and decrease chance of injury. To get the most out of your training call me and see if I can help.

All the PTs here also provide personal training. This bridges the gap from when you graduate from skilled therapy but still need guidance to solve the root cause of training faults so that you will keep doing what you love and out of the doctor's office.

Power Yoga at Bridgetown by Private Appointment only

Training like the Pros- Tuesday, Thursday 6:30PM and Saturday morning at 8:30AM