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 Shockwave Services

Get Better Faster with Piezowave

Piezowave is a breakthrough focused shock wave treatment for acute and chronic muscle and joint pain as well as many dysfunctions. Specific to men’s health, treatment is successful with erectile dysfunction (ED), pudendal neuralgia, urinary incontinence, Peyronie’s disease, penile scar tissue and pelvic pain.

Treatment is clinically proven, simple, rapid, tolerable and non-invasive with none-to-minimal side effects. Many say it feels like a focused deep tissue massage on the affected areas. It sends thousands of precise sound wave pulses, deep into the tissue or muscle.


In areas that don’t need the treatment, there is simply no sensation except for the smooth glide of the piezowave. Benefits are long lasting.

There are 3 key actions at play which assist healing:
1) Increases growth of new blood vessels
2) Breaks up scar tissue
3) Reduces nerve inflammation

In conjunction with my pelvic physical therapy practices (pelvic exercise, breathe and core re-training, and manual therapy), piezowave is a boost to effectiveness and reduces the total number of treatments needed, meaning you get better faster.

Learn More About The Benefits of Piezowave

Treating Pelvic Pain With Shockwave

In these FREE modules, Dr. Grant Headley will teach you at-home exercises to relieve pelvic pain.


Also included are recommend treatments you can receive by making an appointment with Dr. Headley. 


In Person + Online/Remote Consultations


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