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Yoga Services

Online Power Yoga


Feeling stiff?

Do you already know the yoga poses common in group classes, but not getting better in the ways that you need or want to?

The right level of pose difficulty is key to transforming the way you move. Alignment is the step-by-step system of taking common movement and using it to give you powerful posture, balance and confidence in your body.

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Yoga To Relieve Stress


Starting the day with stress clouding your ability? Changing the physical state of the body can bring mental clarity to your morning.

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Pelvic Rehab Yoga


In these FREE modules, Dr. Grant Headley will teach you at-home exercises to relieve pelvic pain.


Also included are recommend treatments you can receive by making an appointment with Dr. Headley. 

In Person + Online/Remote Consultations


503 - 568 - 1136

460 2nd St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

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