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From Pain To Performance

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Meet Grant Headley

Physical Therapist 

I specialize in treating pelvic muscle dysfunction and in working with athletes and bicyclists. As an avid bike racer and commuter who personally suffered from pelvic pain, I experienced the frustration of not being able to do what I loved and sought to find a way back to health and greater performance. I am inspired to help people find their own way to learn to listen to the signs from their body in order to overcome injury and enjoy lifelong fitness.


In addition to PT, I teach alignment-based yoga and provide personal training that emphasizes alignment and breathing to give clients a road map towards transformation. My wife and I moved to Portland from the Midwest in 2015 to contribute to this healthy vibrant community and keep it moving well.

Meet Grant
Winback BACK4

Winback TECAR Therapy

Experience the power of Winback TECAR therapy, a state-of-the-art treatment modality renowned for its effectiveness in pain management, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. With Dr. Headley's expertise guiding every session, you can trust that you're in the best hands possible.


Now, with the addition of Winback BACK4, Dr. Headley is taking patient care to unprecedented heights. This advanced system targets back pain and discomfort with precision, offering unparalleled relief and restoring mobility like never before.


Experience the transformative power of GAINSWave therapy with Dr. Grant Headley! Say goodbye to ED and welcome enhanced performance and vitality. With Dr. Headley's expertise and personalized approach, reclaim your confidence and reignite your passion. 

Docs That Talk

Docs That Talk is a podcast featuring Dr. Grant Headley and Dr. Jeffrey Tucker. One physical therapist and one chiropractor come together to bring you educational videos on pelvic rehab, headache relief, pain relief, shockwave services and so much more!


The Link Between Good Sex, Good Health, and Longevity with Grant Headley, DPT

How Much to Charge Per Treatment & SI Joint Dysfunction

In case you missed this month's Roundtable discussion hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Tucker and Dr. Grant Headley, we emphasized the importance of proper diagnosis, focusing on the target area, and using the proper energy distribution for effective treatment.

We also discuss the pricing of shockwave therapy and how it varies across different cities and markets.


Why The Body Listener?

When it comes to training for your fitness, sports or lifestyle goals, you need support and knowledge from people that know how to keep you moving along a path that will get you stronger and more agile while also being sustainable long term.

I provide physical therapy to help you overcome injury and personal training tailored towards your unique health concerns.


“A great DPT. He got to know me and my partner before the exam and even showed my partner manual release points to help with my therapy at home. Fantastic patient reportee. Positive attitude and goal setting abilities. Accepting of everyone.”

 — Charlie


In Person + Online/Remote Consultations


503 - 568 - 1136

460 2nd St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034


503 - 213 - 9729

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