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Dr. Grant Headley's GAINSWave Therapy

What is GAINSWave®? 

GAINSWave is the premium brand of shockwave therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and optimize sexual performance. Brought to you by Vitality Connect, this treatment is performed by a network of highly-trained medical providers across the country. 

GAINSWave is an effective option because it addresses the root cause of many penile issues - poor blood flow. Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive and yields long-term patient results.  


How does it work?  

Over time, men’s blood flow decreases, sensitivity isn’t as strong, and blood vessels become thin. Through the use of GAINSWave, high frequency low-intensity shockwaves rejuvenate the aged area. Micro-plaque is removed, blood flow increases, and new blood vessels develop. 


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What to Expect?

In just six to twelve 20-minute sessions, GAINSWave can get you on the road to enhanced sexual performance. Providers nationwide use a specific patented methodology designed to optimize patient safety and results, and must comply with medical guidelines to ensure efficacy. As a result, they see a 75% success rate amongst patients with reported harder, stronger, and more sustainable erections.  


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction affects millions worldwide and is classified as a man’s inability to maintain an erection that is hard and long enough to perform sexual intercourse. This inability becomes a true medical condition once difficulty persist for an extended period.  

GAINSWave treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction by addressing poor blood flow. Through the use of shockwave therapy micro-plaque is dissolved, new blood vessels develop, and growth factors are stimulated. These improvements to the penis result in harder, more sustainable erections.  

Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive and safe for patients with health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  

Are You a GAINSWave Candidate?

Interested in GAINSWave?

Contact Dr. Grant Headley today to schedule or learn more about GAINSwave.

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