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Feeling Crappy When You Wake Up? Break The Cycle.

The vicious cycle of needing to stay in bed longer which takes precious exercise, creative time off the table. Take charge with these daily habits.

  1. The habits you go to that give you false sense of quick energy- caffeine, sugar, TV, relaxing, mindless internet browsing

  2. Do these more first-water, breathing, yoga, walking, writing your own ideas

  3. The hours before bed- limit alcohol, eating too late, sugar, engaging in work stress, negative reactions to things you can’t control

  4. Find your own habits that give you energy: for me it is water, walking with my daughter outside first thing, bicycling, writing for my own idea development (like this here)

  5. Understand the stories currently running in your mental operating system, build new positive frameworks one “winning the day” at a time.- identify the one thing that if you did it would feel like a small win.

The body is responsive to our inputs but also the habit of how we view the situation negatively or positively. At first you can’t control how you feel you just react. You have to see you have a problem to make a change.

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